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iMail5 will be available in several pricing models upon release.  If you are using the beta version, all features will be unlocked during this period.  Upon release, the paid for features will become unavailable until a license is installed.

The free edition is a fully functional mail server that provides a convenient and fully featured system for small networks.

The standard edition is purchased as a base product plus users with yearly renewal for maintenance and support. This edition adds a range of features which are important to increase the security of your e-mail system along with access to technical support.

The forwarder edition is a lower cost version of the standard edition iMail5 that just provides mail collection and forwarding services for existing e-mail systems. There is a single price for this version regardless of the number of mailboxes that will be collected from.

Feature Free Edition Standard Edition Forwarder Edition
POP server Y Y N
IMAP server Y Y N
SMTP server Y Y Y
Mail collectors Y Y Y
User mailboxes Y Y N
Groups/Aliasing Y Y N
Multi-domain support Y Y Y
Web based admin Y Y Y
Distribution lists N Y N
SSL support limited full full
Basic archiving N Y N
Product support N Y Y
User web manager N Y N