iMail moving from NetWare to linux and Windows Print
Written by Josh Gibbs   
Thursday, 21 October 2010 17:39

Due to ever increasing technical limitations and the expressed end of life of Novell NetWare, i-MailDS for NetWare will no longer be developed for this platform.  It has been a pleasure to work with Novell over the years and to support the great community of NetWare users who invested in a solid, reliable and dependable network server.  But Novell has moved on, and so must we.


iMail version 5 has been under development for some time now and will soon be released for linux and Windows operating systems.  After dabbling with a Windows version for a while with the never released version 4 it was decided to shelve that project and restart development from the ground up with the intention of supporting future proof technologies.  By taking all we have learned over the years, we have built a new product which is far more capable and has a lot of expansion potential, both planned and imagined.

The initial release of version 5 will be available as a linux 32 bit and Windows 32/64 bit application which is managed from an internet browser and supports any standard internet capable mail client (i.e. Mozilla Thunderbird).

Be sure to subscribe as a user to this site to be informed of updates to the iMail5 release schedule.